This tool is only supported on linux as it shells out to linux tools.

Required tools on host system

  • git
  • rsync
  • docker
# This will place vyos-modular into your python scripts folder

pip install vyos-modular

Dev Install

pip install -e .

Setting up

Run the following in an empty directory

vyos-modular init

Copy your base iso to the resources/isos folder and modify the generated config.yml to suite your needs.


Artifacts will output in the bin folder. If unprivileged users dont have access to docker, you will need to run using sudo or root account

vyos-modular build -c tailscale-1.3.5-config.yml

Building a base ISO

If you dont have access to LTS ISOs or want to target a specific commit, vyos-modular can also be used to build base isos.

# Build an ISO from the LTS 1.3.5 tag
vyos-modular build_iso -b 1.3.5 -r equuleus